The Cap and Bells

An integral part of the entire project is a short dance film based on Rajandi’s composition “The Cap and Bells”. The idea to create a visual element to the piece was born already at the very beginning – most likely inspired by the narrative nature of both the poem and the music. The light and gentle sounds of the composition are in contrast to a more dark and mysterious visual language. Choreography of Marie Pullerits is central to the storytelling of the film – pose and gesture conveys emotions as strongly as words and music.

The presentation of the film within the concert setting is made special through Avarus Ensemble performing the piece live.

Director – Carlos E. Lesmes
Cinematographer – Meelis Veeremets
Composer – Mingo Rajandi
Performed by – Avarus Ensemble
Choreographer – Marie Pullerits
Dancers – Marie Pullerits, Joonas Kollom
Artist – Pille Kose
Producer – Avarus
Co-producer – Allfilm, Madis Tüür