The compositions come together

“The Cap and Bells” concert project features almost exclusively new music commissioned and written for this occasion – the notable exception being “The Cap and Bells” itself!

Margo Kõlar “I shall say nothing”

Margo Kõlar is a well-known and very versatile composer composing works from the completely experimental edge to music for films and anything in between. We waited for the time to commission a piece from him for quite a while and are glad it finally presented itself in this occasion. While most of the new works involved are based on or adaptions of W.B Yeats’ poems, Margo used and paraphrased a quote from the poets wife George Yeats (read more HERE) and thus “I shall say nothing” was born.

New scores for Avarus Ensemble
Margo Kõlar & Mingo Rajandi – New scores for Avarus Ensemble

Another new work is from the groups pianist Kirke Karja (not participating in this project though) –  “Towards break of day”. Avarus Ensemble has performed a small etude / idea by Kirke once before at a film music event, but this is the first time she wrote a full piece for the ensemble.

Our guest star from Dublin – Seán Mac Erlaine – has written a longer work “Labyrinth”, based on bits from poem “The  Tower” and from a few other. Seán will add his clarinette (and musical personality) to the ensemble in what promises to be a darker and slower yet captivating pondering of sparse sounds freely weaving into each other. He also brings an adaption based on “The Empty Cup” (part V from “A Man Young And Old”) – a simply tune featuring the composer singing a duet with Kadri Voorand. Something to wait for!

Mingo Rajandi, artistic director and double bassist (and de facto principal composer) of Avarus Ensemble brings in 3 new works –  “ The Second coming”, “The Cloths of heaven” and in a slightly different mode “The Fiddler of Dooney”. These works will get more room in some of the next posts (in the manner of audio clips from rehearsals hopefully!).

The title piece – The Cap and Bells” was commissioned from Mingo Rajandi in 2015 by Nargen Festival – a summer event on a magical Estonian island called Naissaar (womens’ island) and the choice of text just happened to be that. We felt from very early on that it needs a visual counterpart that features choreography – thus the film idea was born! Also, later we realised that doing an entire program dedicated to Yeats’ poetry and personality was something we really wanted to do. So here we are! Have a listen of the recording of “The Cap and Bells

Soon more on the new music!