MIKSTUUR is a concert series that opens the stage to improvisation, experimentation, but also composition and unique musical moments! Whether it means musicians playing together for the first time, approaching their material in a new way or performing interestingly curated set of compositions – it always puts both the performers and listeners on their toes, waiting what happens next!

Mikstuur takes place in Philly Joe’s (Tatari 4, Tallinn). Next edition: December 8th, 2016 with Sid Hille



The Cap and Bells

“The Cap and Bells” is a unique project combining music, poetry and film. Central to it all is the personality and legacy of arguably the greatest poet of the 20th century – William Butler Yeats

Premier took place on November 3rd, 2016, in Hopner’s House, Tallinn, Estonia

On stage: Seán Mac Erlaine, Shane O’Reilly and Avarus Ensemble




“Hingelinnud” (Soulbirds) is an original dance and music production by choreographer and dancer Marie Pullerits and composer Mingo Rajandi with music performed live by Avarus Ensemble. The production premiered on June 15 in Tallinn, Estonia.


© Rene Jakobson /
© Rene Jakobson /